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Eco-Friendly Holiday Homes

Welcome to Ribble Valley Holiday Homes, where we are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the Ribble Valley countryside and its surroundings. As a small family-run business, we take pride in offering eco-friendly and sustainable stays for our guests. By encouraging responsible practices and continuously improving our eco-credentials, we aim to share the delights of the Ribble Valley in harmony with nature.


To check your carbon footprint please click here, and find new ways to reduce your carbon footprint! 


To see seven ways in which you can enjoy your stay and save the planet at the same time, please view our 

Eco-Friendly Cottage Construction

Our cottages are carefully designed to minimize environmental impact. Built on reclaimed farmland using locally sourced materials and reclaimed stone, we uphold our commitment to sustainability.

Experience eco-living with our ground source heat pump in our two largest holiday homes, double glazed windows, and highly insulated floors for maximum heat retention. We've also planted 6500 trees around the cottages, creating a haven for wildlife.

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Responsible Tourism for our Guests

We encourage our guests to be environmentally responsible during their stay. From energy conservation to responsible waste disposal, every action makes a difference in preserving the natural beauty of the Ribble Valley and Lake District region.

We encourage guests too:


  • switch off lights and electrical devices when not in use

  • use the provided recycling bins located in the kitchen

  • close all windows and doors when heating is in use

  • change the temperature of individual rooms to suit guests’ needs

  • use public transport, cycle or walk to the local areas (information in the welcome packs)

  • support local business (information in the welcome packs)

  • leave feedback whenever possible

  • take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints.


We actively support local charities and participate in 'local clean-ups' to ensure the Ribble Valley remains pristine for all to enjoy.


Our office staff is committed to waste reduction, using emails as the primary mode of communication to minimize paper usage. Staff car-share and use local public transport to reduce carbon emissions.


We value your feedback and suggestions on how we can further enhance our eco-friendly initiatives. Contact us using the links below to share your thoughts.

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